The thing is, for all its faults, Tinder has actually kick-started a lot of relationships

The thing is, for all its faults, Tinder has actually kick-started a lot of relationships

You can’t argue with those stats, but if you want to have the best luck: put in a bit of effort and leave those lesbian sandals at home…


This famous site is on the list for much the same reasons as Tinder, though it has a much less sleazy rep. Basically, there are so many people using it that it’s a pool you want to be fishing in. If you can grit your teeth at the male profiles that somehow creep into your matching, you very well might find that lasting connection.

Unlike many other online dating giants, OkCupid is pretty queer-friendly, with 12 sexual orientations and 20 pronouns to choose from. They also launched a queer-friendly campaign recently with some seriously cute ads. It’s a lot more relationship-focused than most apps, with more in-depth bios and sets of questions that tell you more about people than simply whether they take a good selfie or not.


Hinge is one of the new kids on the block but is quickly acquiring quite a following. While not a lesbian-only app, it’s a unique take on online dating makes it one of the more intriguing lesbian dating apps around. It’s definitely an app for people who are taking this dating thing seriously (some call it the ‘anti-Tinder’), unlike all those gay hookup apps the boys have!

Its recent makeover is what has made it suddenly leap to the front of the pack, with an interface that allows you to scroll through potential profiles rather than swiping left or right, so reducing your chances of accidentally rejecting a possible soul mate! It also links with your Facebook to only allow you to match with friends of friends – the idea being that you don’t end up on dates with randoms you have nothing in common with.

The downside? Things might end up getting a little incestuous in your friend group if you’re all using it. Or, if you only have straight friends, the pickings might be a little slim! Aside from this, the aesthetically pleasing interface and fresh approach make it a must-try.


OK, with a name like this, how can you resist giving this one a whirl? Another new(ish) app explicitly made for LGBTQ+ women; Scissr answers your prayers whether you’re looking for flowers and hearts romance, a bit of a flirt, or even just to network a bit.

Popular in the US, it’s been designed by lesbians, and they guarantee no fake accounts or men, so users should feel comfortable and confident using the app. Simply join up through your Facebook account, create a quick ‘About Me’ and upload some photos, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Filter the potential matches by distance, sexual identity, age, or height and get browsing. You basically ‘crush’ on people via their profile (or they crush on you), and then you can message to get to know them better, which we did with a certain semi-famous lesbian comedian…


New kid on the block Lesly promotes itself as a social network community for lesbian, queer, and bisexual women, and there are officially ‘no boys allowed’! Working more or less like a classic dating app, it’s a secure place for women to meet each other and (hopefully!) fall in love. Who knows, you might even find a lovely lady to buy you jewelry or whisk you away on a dream lesbian vacation.

Meet ladies nearby or around the world, depending on how much you travel. Born because its creators didn’t understand why gay men had Grindr and gay women didn’t have anything, it’s still considerably more dating-friendly that Grindr, with women hoping to forge a real connection.

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