Take up an old sport (or start a new one)

Take up an old sport (or start a new one)

I’m sure you’ll agree that creative writing is now an important skill to have, especially online. If you’re a wordsmith, go ahead and blog or even start writing in a journal. And even if you’re not, it’s still okay to just tweet, post on your wall or answer questions. Who knows, you might spark a great conversation and make some new contacts along the way.

Take an online course.

If you’re going to while away your time on video sites, why not watch something that’s both interesting and mind stretching? You can learn something for free from the Education channel of Youtube, or go the paid route and learn from professionals via Udemy or Lynda. Unlike your boring old college professors, these videos were made to be engaging and fun to watch. If you need to learn something specific, check out our post about learning anywhere, any time.

Cook something up.

I can personally attest that knowing how to cook is not only makes your taste buds happy, it also makes people like you better. Who doesn’t want to be friends with the person always bringing in delicious meals, right? You also get to create healthy, energy-packed meals the way you want (and afford), something you probably can’t do when you get food delivered. (altro…)

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