She was all over me when we were dating

She was all over me when we were dating

That reality makes the type of man a woman selects for her husband very different than the men with whom she had fun when she was single. I did not marry sugar daddy nc until the second half of my thirties. Let’s say that I more than sowed my wild oats. I saw the wild side of women first-hand, which is why I could not reconcile what happened when I finally settled down after a full-court press by my parents. The reality is that there is nothing in modern marriage for men. My ex-wife was not a stay-home-mom. She was a career woman whose career I supported. In fact, she was all over me up until the time our children arrived, and boom, the primary relationship switched from being between us to being between her and our children (the number one mistake that women make in their marriages that leads to male infidelity).

Any man who finds himself in a relationship where he has to beg for sex should to focus less on increasing comfort and more on increasing arousal

It did not matter how much of the household chores I took on. Nothing could turn that freight train around. All it did was increase her comfort. I stand by my assertion that increasing comfort does not increase arousal. That is the big lie that is sold by the feminized marriage counseling industry. Taking on more chores just leads to a greater loss of respect, which leads to an even greater loss of arousal. If he cannot increase arousal, then it is time to leave. There is a difference between sex as reward for being more helpful and sex that is centered in arousal.

Often it takes getting divorced for a man who has been married for a long to time to realize the difference. Life is too short to spend it with a woman who does not desire you. I have been with my present girlfriend for three years. She notices how other peer-age and younger women look at me when we go out. (altro…)

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